Defender td5 cruise control – nakatamenga td5 cruise control kit

23 01 2018

This is the up coming project…..

The 2 buttons one to set and another to reset/ resume

The brown wire for reset and resume the white wire for set …….should figure the position of each button on the dashboard

the three thin plugs are sensitive , cover them while you are taking the from the ecu all the way to the dashboard

Again the wires are numbered as well for is position in the white plastic plug

The wires are numbered so that you cannot really miss, just locate the correct location in the black plug

Black wire is to hook it up with an ignition feed wire


Now I need a test drive….crossing my fingers


Aluminum box pro – storage case for roof rack

3 01 2018

Got this Aluminium box from from a good brand Alutec

aluminum Alutec 30045 Dimensions (L x W x H) 582 x 385 x 277 mm Material 1.0 mm

Contents: 47 liters
Weight: 4.2 Kg
Dimensions: L 582 x W 385 x H 277 mm
Interior dimensions: L 550 x W 350 x H 245 mm
Material: Full aluminum sheet

Amazon Alu box

Plus I got the lock for it

Lock for the Alu box

You find a quick explanation on here

Defender bonnet rails – aero / airline

3 01 2018

For the aluminium rail you can spot on the bonnet on Errol Defender below , I am preparing a project on that but I will do it on top of a chequer plate I found in Nakatamenga to be more solid as the thickness of the bonnet is not strong enough without a back support but with a chequer plate it would do the job



The rail was bought in black from navigattor

Aero rails defender

This is the chequer plate I found…….

You can find it here in black

Nakatamenga bonnet chequer plate

I liked this one but could not find it anywhere

End result

Defender roof console – ACC 16

3 01 2018

Purchased the roof console by the French supplier ACC 16 which have a roof console with modules that I am interested in, my configuration was basic

Notice Console de toit ACC16


Roof console acc16

Defender door security lock Foleysv

22 12 2017

I am liking this idea as well to securing a bit more the landy driver and passenger side doors from a quick break.

One side is a bolt on using the same original hinge bolts and is a straight fit.

On the other side will need to make 2 holes and will need to secure the back side with 3 mm metal plate.

You have access to the back panel at least on my defender 90.



Defender door security lock

Defender security door lockuDefender door security lock foleyDefender door security lock foley

Defender TD5 floor safe GMB VS Foleys –

16 12 2017

The advantage of this floor safe is that there is no cutting, it is a straight fit.

If you have a defender TD5 you will need to buy the adjustment plate 20€  and the safe itself 328€ from the passenger side only as this is what will fit the td5 ( no driver side footwell safe) take care of this issue.


Length: 297mm

Width: 266 mm

Height: 105 mm

The gmb footwell safe


In the case of Foleys you will need to cut through the floor and rivet it , the price though is much friendlier 99£ + 40£ transport cost and dimensions are a bit bigger

Foleys floor safe


Dimenssions…..inner storage area

Length: 25 cm

Width: 20 cm

Height: 11 cm

I went for foleys floor safe

View from below

Fits perfectly underneath

Bonnet security hinge + highlift – GMB

16 12 2017

My next project is the following application in which I will secure the bonnet and add the highlift application for any future need.

Will update soon ….


The hinges gmb

I already fitted the same with the following results

All went fine in terms of fitting all fitted in place had a small issue with one side with the black plastic round pieces that fit in the groove had to make it a little less with by grinding it

Also the highlift application is fine , it is a nice mode